Hypnosis Quiz!
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Answer each of the following 25 questions with True, False, or Uncertain.

1. Hypnosis is safe:

2. When you are in hypnosis, you are in controlof your mind:

3. Anyone can learn to hypnotize themselves, orothers:

4. You can tell lies while in hypnosis:

5. Hypnosis is a natural process:

6. Hypnosis cannot make you do something against your will:

7. You cannot become stuck in a trance:

8. Hypnosis does not make you dependent on the hypnotist:

9. You only need light hypnosis for therapy to work:

10. To go into hypnosis is a matter of choice, not weakness:

11. You can fidget, scratch, or laugh while in hypnosis:

12. You can remember everything that happens during hypnosis:

13. While in hypnosis, you are awake:

14. Everyone has the ability to be hypnotized:

15. In hypnosis, you are not in a strange, other-worldly stupor:

16. You have already experienced being in hypnosis:

17. You can be hypnotized only if you want to be:

18. Memories recalled in hypnosis are not necessarily true:

19. Your talent for hypnosis is biologically built-in:

20. Hypnosis is more than just being relaxed:

21. While in hypnosis, you are aware of your surroundings:

22. Hypnosis allows you easy access to your subconscious mind:

23. You can use hypnosis to gain self-control:

24. You will not reveal secrets or embarrassing information under hypnosis:

25. Hypnosis is an effective tool for resolving phobias:

Once you've answered each question to the best of your ability, simply "click" on the image below to visit Myths and Misconceptions. You'll find a detailed answer to each question and a formula for calculating your final mark.

A Thorough Understanding!

Make a point to read the Myths and Misconceptions page thoroughly. Your job, as a hypnotist, is to create understanding -- not to add to the confusion which already exists.